Boaz avoids Karen (Pt. 1)

In writing this, I’ve realized it will need to be broken into parts. So, this is part 1.

“I’m not a Karen. She is!”
The name “Karen” in our modern society has come to embody certain characteristics of a woman that are pretty undesirable to most people and should be considered completely unacceptable to Christian women.

I don’t recommend too much exposure to Urban dictionary because we are commanded to guard our hearts, eyes and ears but that website, being a fairly accurate representation of worldly beliefs, defines “karen” as follows:
• gives raisins to kids on Halloween
• drives an SUV to carpool her kids to soccer practice… better hope the ref doesn’t make a wrong call because she will sue!
• love to use snapagram to post her workout selfies
• after a long day of talking to managers and driving her kids around she sits down with her mom friends at book club and drinks lots and LOTS of wine

My take away from that is that a woman defined this way bases her entire definition of right and wrong on her own feelings and her own perspective of the world – making her rarely ever wrong. “I’m sorry BUT…” She is very opinionated with what seems to be a likely drinking problem. It is not a stretch to say she is quick to anger and feels justified in refusing to control her tongue or it’s volume. “(My) truth hurts, honey. Deal with it.” This type of woman is also obsessed with appearance, her own physical looks and making sure her family always looks worldly successful. To suggest she be “submissive” to anyone would incite her anger, though she may try to keep up the appearance of being “a fine Christian woman” in public if she thinks it makes her seem more appealing. Deep down she is actually pretty miserable in her own life most of the time because she cannot control every person she encounters to cater to her whims but lives in complete denial of this fact.

When thing go her way, you would call her “sweet” and “nice” but in a mere moment she can become extremely disagreeable and is likely mentioned in Proverbs Chapter 30.
“Under three things the earth shakes. Under four things it can’t stand up. The first is a servant who becomes a king. The second is a foolish and ungodly person who gets plenty to eat. The third is a mean woman who gets married. And the fourth is a servant who takes the place of the woman she works for.”
Proverbs 30:21‭-‬23 NIRV
(Please notice that the last 2 mentions are specifically involving women only.)

Clearly, this woman we all know as “not me” can’t be living a Christian life like mine, right? “I’ll never be a Karen”, we say to ourselves to offer some reassurance. But what if you actually are – at least in some ways – and are living in complete denial? Would you be willing to face that ugly truth, confess it as sin, and let God help you become the woman He created you to be instead?

There has been a shifting movement in the church suggesting that the holy spirit would want us to ignore, modify, or even discard some scriptures in the word of God because they no longer apply in modern society. The justification for these changes reminds me of middle school aged children who insist that times are different now and they refuse to listen to loving guidance because their parents “just don’t understand”.

I know I’m about to start hurting some feelings. You need to know that I’m a reformed people-pleaser and write this only because I believe we women need to look at the instructions we are so quick to disregard.

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