Christian Men are Suffering

Most modern Christian dating and marriage advice that’s currently given, while well-meaning and often helpful for personal growth, only looks inward and fails to address the large problems that we Christian women have the power to influence and change through devoted prayer.

The men in this world need our help. While society is building up women and extreme feminists are trying to destroy the hierarchy that God built for the family, men have been under immense spiritual attack. That spiritual assault has gone largely unnoticed because we’ve allowed ourselves as women to be distracted and the men have stayed silent.

Let’s face it! Men don’t naturally like sharing and being vulnerable and the enemy’s favorite tactic with men is to have them believe they are inadequate. What better way to drive that lie into the heart of every man than by having countless women express very loudly and publicly their discontent with masculinity?

We, as helpmeets, NEED to band together and begin intercedeing in constant prayer on behalf of our Christian brother’s as a group. Ask God to free them from the lies of the enemy. We need to learn how to lift them up in word and deed in public to encourage them. Our sons are watching. Our brothers are listening. Our fathers are hurting.

“But so many single men abandoned their faith,” you say pointing to a man with no church home. Another woman declares, “boys in church are still not the Godly single men we’re looking for. They still ask for nudes and expect premarital sex.”

It seems that these days there aren’t nearly as many truly Godly men living honest, faith-filled lives as there are women. I could definitely be wrong but given the number of social media accounts specifically for Christian single women to encourage each other in celibacy compared to only a small number that I’ve seen specifically for men, I gotta go with the evidence.

If women aren’t willing to stand in the gap for all the men who have walked away from their faith or have found contentment in a lukewarm faith, majority of single women looking for a Christian, leading husband will either be forced to settle or die alone. It’s as simple as supply and demand – named by economists.

The soothing, vague promises that your man is out there somewhere, without the action of diligent, daily prayer on his behalf and on behalf of the other ladies in waiting is fruitless. Faithful action must always be taken before we will see results. That action looks different for everyone but prayer is ALWAYS part of the requirement.

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