Christian Men are Suffering

Most modern Christian dating and marriage advice that’s currently given, while well-meaning and often helpful for personal growth, only looks inward and fails to address the large problems that we Christian women have the power to influence and change through devoted prayer. The men in this world need our help. While society is building up women and extreme feminists are trying to destroy the hierarchy that God built for the family, men have been under immense spiritual attack. That spiritual assault has gone largely unnoticed because we’ve allowed ourselves as women to be distracted and the men have stayed silent. … Continue reading Christian Men are Suffering

Envy: A Dangerous “Friend”

“I wish my hair/smile/body looked like hers.” “I wish I had that big, beautifully decorated house.” “She seems to travel to the coolest places all the time. I wish I could afford that.” “Her family always looks so coordinated and picture perfect on her social media. Why can’t my family be like that?” “Why can’t my income be larger so I can have/do all the things she gets to?” “Her spouse is always so attentive and flirty towards her when we all get together. Why can’t my husband be more like hers?” “Why is it everyone has a man but … Continue reading Envy: A Dangerous “Friend”