Cut Christian men some slack

Sometimes we women give Christian men a hard time when it comes to dating and relationships. To be fair, sometimes they deserve it. BUT how often have you stopped and thought about the huge amount of responsibility men carry? If I were to break off a single rib from two separate skeletons and put just the rib on the table along with a written description (NOT a picture) of the rib cage each bone came from, do you think you’d be able to match them correctly without additional help? Many men are out here seeking their rib but don’t know … Continue reading Cut Christian men some slack

Who am I?

I’m a child of God, mother of 3, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an ex-wife. But that’s not all. I’m also an amateur photographer, professional voice talent, a writer, a producer, active laughter participant, and a former perfectionist. Even with all of that, that doesn’t fully describe me. I’ve always felt different. That has become especially noticeable in my dating life. When you date the woman who’s different, you can’t expect her to be measured against any other woman you’ve known. She’s not just unique in the fun ways or on occasion. This is who she genuinely is. … Continue reading Who am I?